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You are aiming to start here at the beginning of a cycle route and need to transport your bicycle(s) to the start point many kilometres from home.

You already own a purpose built towbar mounted bike rack or another rear mounted solution and are in the market for a bicycle rack light, auxiliary number plate holder, auxiliary number plate light, bike rack plate holder, what ever you want to call it, then you have come to the right place.

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Rack Light

Carrying your bicycle(s) on the rear of your car on a rack type system does have it’s disadvantages in that your number plate may be obscured and blinkers cannot be seen. The impacts of which mean you must mount an auxiliary plate to the rear of the rack. It is worth while checking your local state or territory requirements.

The picture clearly shows the issue in that people travelling behind you will not be able to see your blinkers on certain vehicles. On some vehicles this may also include your brake lights, tail lights etc.

As can be seen in the first photo of a towbar mounted rack on the rear of a Hyundai I30CW, the number plate is completely unreadable and both the RH and LH blinkers are obscured and depending on the angle the brake lights are partially obscured.

In NSW, the RMS Vehicle Standards Information (VSI No. 10) at the time of producing this web site, states, in part,

“………that you need to make sure the vehicle number-plate is clearly visible. If the number-plate is obscured you must fit a special ‘auxiliary number-plate’ Make sure the bicycle rack and bicycle/s do not obscure the vehicle lights including the brake lights, centre-mounted brake light and indicators. If any light/s are obscured you must attach an additional set of lights at the rear of the bicycle/s. Also, if using the bicycle rack at night, you must fit one or more number-plate lights to illuminate the auxiliary number-plate if fitted. Penalties may apply if: The bicycle rack, or any bicycle fitted to it, obscures any light (including the centre-mounted brake light) or the number-plate, and it is not fitted with an additional set of lights and auxiliary number-plate …………..”


The solution is fitment of a light bar, rack light, auxiliary licence plate holder, holding not only your auxiliary number plate but fitted with LED lights providing stop, tail, blinkers and auxiliary light to illuminate your licence plate. There are several on the market from rather cheap solutions offering only a simple tail light right through to high end brand names. All of which offer varying degrees of lighting solutions and mounting options. The KPS-002 is a powdercoated steel back frame fitted with fully sealed LED lights. The sheet metal back frame, wiring of the components, down to the packaging are sourced and made right here in Australia, creating jobs and benefiting the local economy.

Please note some vehicles when plugging in trailer lights with LED’s will flash constantly like some Ford Rangers etc . Please ensure your vehicle is compatible with LED Trailer Lights.

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For mounting instructions, click here

Alternative Mounting Solution

Some racks don’t have a license plate mounting point thus not allowing you to mount the light bar / rack light. If this is the case an accessory is available to allow you to strap the unit to the bicycles that are mounted on the rear of the vehicle, remembering that the unit MUST be located centrally on the vehicle, as blinkers are fitted to the light bar and the top of which MUST not be more than 1300mm above the ground, (Refer to your local requirements).

The accessory is simply bolted to the light bar / rack light with the fasteners supplied and the padded bars are secured to the desired location using double sided hook and loop straps.

For mounting accessory instructions, click here

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